Appliance Error codes & understanding their meaning

Your Washing Machine , Dishwasher & Clothes Dryer likely have on – board self diagnostic information written into the electronic software operating your appliance. If your appliance experiences a fault & cannot complete the intended program, usually an error code will appear on the Electronic Display Panel. Or a series of lights will flash in a sequence indicating a certain fault with your Appliance.

Understanding the error codes in your Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Dryer or Oven, Stove / Cooking Range may save you valuable time and or money as some Error Codes will be listed in your user manual. Codes usually listed in your user manual are for your convenience to self rectify the issue with your Appliance. An example may be with your washing machine displaying an error code OE (applicable across LG Washing Machines & Dishwashers). Error OE indicates your Washing Machine or Dishwasher was unable to pump the water away and allow your Appliance to complete the cycle. This Error message will indicate you could check the drain trap (refer to user manual for Instructions) in the Washing Machine and remove any possible objects that could be causing the Pump not to operate as normal.

Some error codes like the example given will allow you, the user to attempt a simple repair. Other error codes will indicate a particular fault with the Appliance such as a faulty component requiring replacement. Either way, checking your user manual and the list of error codes, allows you to quickly determine if you can self rectify the fault or require the service of a qualified Technician to carry out the repair.

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